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I started my first business when I was 24 and transformed it into one of Australia’s most recognised brand and communication agencies partnering with the worlds top performing retail brands, celebrities and influencers. Marie Claire magazine described my lifestyle at the time as success and survival, as for 12 years I was a single mum to my daughter Bella with 22 staff flying around the world creating and delivering campaigns for brands including Mulberry, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop and Zara who wanted to launch into our market.  It was a responsibility I took seriously as I have always believed you are only as good as the last phone call, project delivery and experience someone has with you. I was between two world's - my public persona and my private life which was falling to pieces. After a near death experience and ten years of being stalked I gained a fresh perspective.  I wanted a life with purpose and decided it was time to reshape my story which also meant reshaping my life.


Goodbye sparkly PR world.  I stripped things back and put myself and my health first.  I found happiness, positivity, and emotional flexibility.  I found love (and yes a fun fact is I was a first time bride in my forties - so glad I waited). Most importantly I found me.  I used my forward momentum and founded Powerful Steps in 2019.  Now my goal is for everyone to find their best self and learn from what I’ve learned.  I understand that you can take what the world throws at you and translate it into your superpower, and as a result of stepping into my own power have built a global community of women who lean into my professional and personal tool kit to live their best life.


What inspires you to get dressed up - is it a feeling, is it an event, is it convenient - what do you want or need your clothes to say about you?


For two decades I dressed for everyone else - I had 60 little black designer dresses in my wardrobe.  I was the woman who blended in yet made it happen for everyone else.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and into my power zone when we launched Drew Barrymore’s makeup brand into Australia and decided I was going to leave this industry on a high. The last image of me in a little black dress at work was with my daughter and Drew - the one and only image during my career of me with a celebrity because I always believed that my clients were the stars and we were just there to deliver and ensure they made an impact. I now dress for myself and understand the power of design to bring to life the true essence of who you are as a woman.


How would you define your style?


People will always be attracted to your energy, that inner light that shines so bright because you have a happy heart.  Whatever you choose to wear will radiate because of that light and each morning when you get dressed for success you want to wear the clothes and not allow them to wear you - that’s how I define my style.

Do you believe your Style has changed over the years?


Absolutely - I had a wardrobe full of designer dresses, heels and bags - when I stripped my life back a few years ago I also stripped out of my wardrobe the energy of what I wanted to leave behind to create space for the future.  I like to buy investment pieces, the pieces that I know I will cherish and not wear as a one-off.  If I need a one-off statement outfit Fashion Alta Moda delivers that for me.  Years ago I had so many of those outfits that I wore once and took up too much time, energy and space - time teaches you want you want vs what you need.


We all have a signature style piece - what is yours? (is it your hair, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses etc?)


Diamond earrings - I love the simplicity and they don’t draw away from who you are deep inside.


We can only imagine how busy you are - How do you find time to shop? and Where do you shop - in stores, or on-line?


I tend to shop when we travel - I like the experience of something new and exciting, of being in-store working with a style expert being shown different ways to wear what I love. 


For your next event, what would be your favourite piece to wear from Fashion Alta Moda and why?


Now this is a hard question - I think I would have to change outfits because I love so many of them!  If I had to pick one, right now, it would be the Roksanda dress I am wearing for our 2022 brand campaign shoot.



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