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Create Your Ultimate Event <em>Look</em>

Create Your Ultimate Event Look

Located in the leafy streets of Vaucluse in Sydney, our private 1-hour Styling Suite consultations give you exclusive, one-on-one access to the F.A.M collection, a chance to try on designer garments, experiment with luxury looks and pre-plan your seasonal rental wardrobe. See, touch, feel, try, fit and photograph your favourite styles so you are prepared for the events ahead.

Exclusive Styling <em>Events</em>

Exclusive Styling Events

Sign up to the F.A.M newsletter to be the first to receive invitations to our exclusive collection showcases and styling events. Held in stunning locations around Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with more locations to be announced, experience our latest designer arrivals as presented by our chief curators and image consultants to help you create the perfect look for your next event.

Private group showings and 'pop up' styling events are available upon request, so enquire now to book your private luxury fashion event.

Your Safety <em>First</em>

Your Safety First

One-on-one styling sessions remain the most private way to shop and dress. To ensure the safety of yourself and our team, please note our COVIDSafe Plan:

We request that if you are unwell that you delay visiting the Styling Suite until you are well;

We will conduct a temperature check upon arrival to ensure the health and safety of our staff;

All hard surfaces are frequently cleaned several times per day with a detergent solution;

We ask you use the Hand Sanitiser on arrival;

Social distancing rules of 1.5m will be practiced;

As per the NSW Government requirements on social distancing, we can only allow a maximum of two visitors.

Elevate Your Look for Any Occasion in Sydney With a Personal Stylist

Working with a Sydney personal stylist to elevate your look is a privilege everyone can indulge in with our exceptional services. We offer professional, friendly, and tailored style consultation so you can feel confident and stand out from the crowd at any event or refine your overall image. You can also get exclusive access to our runway collection, have the opportunity to try on your favourite pieces, and select exquisite designs to suit any event.

Why You Work With Our Style Consultant

Whether you’re attending a wedding, cocktail party, black-tie event, or require formal day wear, our style consultant in Sydney can assist you in creating the perfect look.

  • Create the image you want to present to the world: You can make a positive and impactful first impression at any event with a flawless and exclusive look. We understand that your image can convey so many things such as success, personality, character, and status in a short time. Our style consultant can provide you with professional advice and stylish luxury outfits to better convey the message you want to share.
  • Save time: You can plan all your outfits for every special occasion well ahead of time and save yourself the hassle and stress of finding the perfect dress just before an event. Our wardrobe stylist can help you put together the ideal image to suit the tone of the event, your personality, and your body shape.
  • Spend less: You can save money with our style consultation service. There is no need to spend money buying two outfits then deciding which one to wear on the day of your event. We have an extensive collection of luxury runway outfits for hire, so you can wear the look, return it, and wear a different dress to your next event. You also avoid having your wardrobe filling up with clothes you won’t wear again.

Questions Our Personal Stylist in Sydney May Ask You

You can prepare for your consultation in Sydney with our personal stylist by reviewing these questions so we can tailor the session to your requirements.

  • What do you want to achieve from your consultation? We understand that everyone has different reasons for hiring a personal stylist so let us know the main goals you want to achieve from our one-on-one consultations. We can assist you in trying new looks, find styles to suit your body shape, or discover the perfect outfit for any occasion.
  • What events do you have in the future? Think about future events you have coming up to find various styles to suit different occasions. You may have a work conference where you require formal day wear followed by a black-tie event or you may have a wedding to attend in a few months. You can get the most value out of our service by trying on various outfits for numerous occasions during your private consultation and reserving a dress you love rather than having to wear the only one available when the event arrives.
  • What style do you feel most confident wearing? While seeking consultation to elevate your look, you may already know some styles that make you feel more confident. You may prefer full-length dresses to short, sleeves to strapless, or you love the feel of a jumpsuit. Our professional stylists can refine your look and tailor a wardrobe to your style and personality. However, be sure to keep an open mind as we have an extensive range of luxury clothing that we can alter for you.

What You Can Expect From Our Personal Stylists in Sydney

Our full style service includes exclusive access to our luxury designer collection and highly experienced consultants.

  • Private consultation: You can enjoy a one-hour private consultation with our professional, friendly, and experienced stylist at our styling suite. You’ll get to try on designer garments, photograph your best looks, and plan your rental wardrobe for the upcoming season.
  • Fashion from luxury designers: We provide an extensive selection of luxury garments, including dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts, from top fashion designers worldwide such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and more.
  • Styling Events: We host numerous styling events around Australia to showcase our latest designer collection. You can enjoy viewing our garments, take note of your favourites styles and then request to try it on at our Sydney styling suite. We also offer private group showings upon request.

Discover Your Style at Fashion Alta Moda

Whether you want to be more adventurous with your style, refine your image, or get a complete review of your wardrobe, we provide exceptional styling services. Our full in-person consulting service gives you access to our luxury designer collection, which you can hire for a special event rather than buying a new dress.

Book a private session with our style consultant in Melbourne, Sydney, or online at your location or contact us for more information.