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Finding The Perfect Outfit For Any Function

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Finding The Perfect Outfit For Any Function
As we move into the new year and decade our event calendar seems to become fuller and never-ending. The festive season is upon us and it is time to search for the perfect outfit for this decade’s functions and parties. When it comes to your end of year celebrations you want nothing more than to put your best fashion foot forward and look your best.

It goes without saying that party outfits are all about bold colours, metallic highlights and festive prints. Have fun this upcoming season with all of the above by renting an outfit perfect for you.

The first step is to choose the style appropriate to your event and which could include a cocktail dress, professional classics outfits or stunning black tie pieces. Then it is important to consider the event you are attending, for example, a work party, a girls night out or a black-tie event.

Work Parties
For work parties, the key is to look stylish while maintaining a level of professionalism. In this case, it is best to leave extravagant, sparkling outfits at home and focus on a more classic look. It is important that the culture of your office prevails and is evident in your clothing choice. If your workspace is conservative it essential that you dress conservatively to match the environment and occasion. It is crucial to wear an outfit that allows you to be taken seriously while still looking stylish. For example, a slim fitting pant-suit or jumpsuit and some contrasting beaded jewellery with heels says smart and dressed up, without being overly formal.

Cocktail Party
In today’s day, a cocktail party can involve anything from a social affair to a low-key group of friends gathered around platters. For cocktail parties it is appropriate to wear a cocktail dress – no surprise there however there are other options. For cocktail parties, as said by Joseph Williamson, a fashion stylist in New York City, “you can’t go wrong if you wear a top with some special details and a skirt or tailored pants, plus heels or fancy flats”. However, it is important to avoid fabrics that are too casual such as chino, denim and jersey. It is also crucial to choose an outfit that works with the event as different events will require various forms of cocktail attire.

Black-Tie Events
Black-tie events involve a very formal dress code signifying importance such as a prestigious ball, an award ceremony or a grandiose wedding. For black-tie a floor-length dress or gown is the ideal outfit as it displays a level of sophistication however a formal cocktail attire may work in some situations. It is important to select a refined dress that incorporates simple and feminine silhouette with an elegant colour such as black. Timeless gowns provide an appeal of being sophisticated and include styles that will not age or be out of place.

A luncheon is described as a formal lunch held in connection with a special occasion where a light meal offered to a group of people in a public dining room area. When considering what to wear for luncheon functions it is important to remember that it all depends on the type of luncheon you will be attending. Different midday events such as birthday parties, bridal parties, corporate events and charitable events can all have slight variations in their dress code. The type of event will ultimately determine the style of your chosen outfit. For example, if you were attending a bridal shower luncheon you could look for a style that incorporates lace or ruffles to add to the romantic feel of the event. Contrastingly, for a corporate business lunch, a more form-fitted tailor jumpsuit or dress may be more suitable or a style that most suits your body type.

So with this in mind, get excited, and get ready to impress this year with the perfect outfit for all your occasions.