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Tracey-Anne, is a very active, working mum of three, from running a food blog to expanding her life experience and study into Life Coaching. “I am at my most happiest when I am organised, walking with my dog in nature, providing a nurturing environment for my family and connecting to friends.”


I have followed your journey from Food blogger to Life Coach, (which I feel you are born to do) - how did this come about?

I have always been passionate about the idea of a healthy lifestyle. It simply made me feel better, not only physically but mentally too. Food really paved the way to my health journey, it is the foundation of a healthy system, followed by fitness and wellbeing.  Coaching came about after years of self-development work, I have always had an interest in mental health and helping others.
Communication and connection is really important to me and life coaching made complete sense. I am now in a space where I can give back and help people transform their lives, creating a deep sense of self to explore a future that they really want.


What has been your greatest career achievement? 

I feel what I have achieved in the last year is an achievement within itself! 

If I look back at my journey I would say the pivotal turning point was hosting a fundraiser for Reach Out Australia in 2018. There were so many layers to that day. Firstly raising an extraordinary amount of funds to a great cause close to my heart, secondly getting past my own fears that held me back for so long, and lastly a tribute to my mum and her suffering of mental illness. It was the release that was needed to move forward and create a difference in my life.


How would you describe your style? Has your personal style been consistent over the years, or do you find that it's ever-evolving and changing? 


 My style has been somewhat consistent over the years, I love simple, effortless, chic and fun fashion pieces, but it has to be comfortable - I am not a slave to fashion. I am at home in great cut pants or linen trousers or a long floaty dress. I feel most ridiculous in a short fitted dress! The older I get the more I am aware of what works and what doesn’t.

What is your signature style piece - (Is it your hair, shoes, Jewellery, Sunglasses?)


I never leave home without my favourite Saint Laurent black MICA sunglasses and a good Blowdry.


We can only imagine how busy you are, with family, and a new career, how do you find time to shop? Where do you shop? Is it online or in-store?

I always have time to shop! For casual wear I do love Jac and Jack T shirts, a great classic cut. Agolde or Acne jeans are a personal favourite. Parlour X is my go to if I want more, the staff are always so attentive and helpful. Loving all my linen attire from Sarah-Jane Clarke and my super fun, super comfy Pippa Holt jumpsuits.


Are there any particular pieces (at Fashion Alta Moda) you have your eye on at the moment?


So many! I am a spring/summer girl and love a good afternoon cocktail party with music, dancing and great friends. I have my eye on the stunning yellow Valentino floral floor length day dress or the Paco Rabanne embroidered cutout satin dress. I can’t wait to host a “break free party” from lockdown!

Fashion Alta Moda has been like finding gold! While I love to shop, when it comes to the longevity of statement pieces it makes more sense to me utilising what this service offers.

 Meeting with Tanya is like catching up with an old friend, she knows my style and what I love however, challenges me to step out of my familiarity into another world. Fashion shouldn’t be contrived or boring, Fashion Alta Moda gives you the freedom to step into another realm without spending beyond your means.



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