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Sustainable Style

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Sustainable Style

The world of fashion is undergoing a major transformation as consumers become more conscious of sustainability issues. With the rise of the "wear it once" culture, people are looking for a more circular way to purchase fashion, and traditional retail models are adapting to meet these demands. This is where Fashion Alta Moda comes in.

As Australia's leading luxury designer rental service, Fashion Alta Moda offers a sustainable solution for those who want to embrace sustainable fashion but struggle to do so. Our rental model allows clients to experience the luxury of wearing designer pieces without the commitment of ownership. Our focus on styling and servicing our clients, combined with our founder's hand-selected and curated collection, make us a truly unique fashion experience.

Our founder, Tanya Perilli, hand-selects each piece of clothing from the most impeccable brands around the globe, creating a wardrobe that is not just a fashion statement, but a masterpiece in its own right. With Fashion Alta Moda, clients can enjoy the latest fashion trends without worrying about the environmental impact of buying new clothes or the hassle of finding new outfits for every occasion.

Fashion Alta Moda provides a sustainable solution that still allows clients to enjoy the latest fashion trends. Our rental model provides a way to enjoy designer fashion with the peace of mind that comes with sustainable consumption.

In the face of the fashion industry's sustainability challenges, Fashion Alta Moda is leading the way. Our approach to fashion sets us apart and we are proud to be a part of the movement to reshape the industry. Embrace the future of style, break away from fast fashion, and let each garment be a reflection of your personal style and commitment to people and the planet.

At Fashion Alta Moda, we believe that sustainable fashion is the future of style. We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the difference for yourself.