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Sophie Falkiner, has worked in the media industry for over 30 years as a travel/lifestyle presenter. On shows such as Wheel of Fortune, The Great Outdoors and Luxury Escapes the World’s Best Holidays. She is a Mother to two beautiful children, Isabella 16, and  Jack, 12. Currently, she is still working in travel on channel 7 - ” I’m a vintage model and I’m also, setting up my own digital channel called “ Illumin8 “ which I’m very excited to launch. It’s female centric, and I’ll be shining a light on valuable conversations, with experts in their fields, to evoke positive changes in people’s lives.”


How do you define your style?


Definitely classic and elegant, I rarely follow trends, I prefer to wear shapes and silhouettes that work on my frame. I also like investing in key pieces that stand the test of time , that I can wear for many years and are essentially timeless. Aussie designers that I tend to gravitate towards are Alex Perry, Carla Zampatii and Ginger and Smart. I’m

lucky that in my line of work, I can also borrow a lot of beautiful clothing for on camera and events. I also adore sustainable fashion that can be worn more than once.  Fashion Alta Moda is brilliant, as you’re helping the environment and your bank balance! So it’s my go to, for a special occasion.


Tailored clothes suit me better, as I have a large bust and curvy hip. So I need clothing that cinches in at the waist, to accentuate my hourglass shape. If I wear clothing that is flowy or bohemian, I resemble a sack of potatoes! I prefer block colours with fantastic cuts, over busy patterns. I don’t like clothes to take over me , and being comfortable is key.


Who is your style icon - is it one or many?


I think sometimes I was born in the wrong era when it comes to fashion. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly I just adore. Their style was impeccable. I love watching old movies and seeing the flawless tailoring. My Grandmother also had incredible style, when she walked into a room, people would notice! She had amazing wardrobes (plural) and I used to love trying on her stunning pieces, from hats, to ball gowns , to shoes, jewellery, vintage clutches and everything in between. She looked like Zsa  Zsa  Gabor and wore black leather pants and chunky vintage necklaces with turtle neck jumpers to the day she died. Zsa Zsa, met her once and said “ darling you look like me”! And , my Grandmother Mimy responded.. “ no darling you look like me”!  She exuded confidence, and I think that’s the finishing touch to any outfit .


What is your signature style piece? Is it shoes, a bag, sunglasses, a statement piece of necklace?


I love all of them, but it has to be understated and not to showy, I don’t like purchasing bags, jewellery, or sunglasses with loud designer labels on it. It’s not who I am.   I prefer to go under the radar. However, I am sucker for a beautifully tailored designer blazer. I tend to wear them a lot with jeans, for a polished casual look. Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton nail this look.


Where do you shop - in stores, or on-line 


I prefer always to go in store and try things on. I worked in fashion in my early 20’s alongside tailors and worked out early, there is a lot of disparity with sizing at different fashion houses. They key is to work out which labels suit your body shape. I also like feeling textures and fabrics. When you know the label well, then I’d definitely do some on - line deliveries. 


How do you experiment with your style


I dress according to my mood always. Some days, I like to be quite androgynous in a pantsuit and a shirt all buttoned up. Other days, I want to wear a fire engine red dress, with a hint of cleavage. Then on other days, maybe a feminine white lace maxi dress. It’s truly how I feel that day! I like to experiment with different looks dependant on my mood and where I’m going, but to me the right fit is essential.  Also, I am very happy to mix up some designer looks with more affordable pieces from places like Zara. I’m not snobby about fashion, I don’t care where it’s from, if it resonates with me, I’ll buy it or rent it!


What is your favourite piece on the FAM site?


Where do I start! There are so many pieces that are fabulous designer dresses to hire and try. I love the brands Carolina Herrera, Roland Mouret, Alexander Mc Queen, the LBD I wore recently from Dior. I have also loved seeing Jessica Mauboy recently on “ The Voice”  in 2 of your gorgeous gowns.   The red Dior gown, and the orange Dundas, I’m dying to wear now too! She looked like heaven. I love visiting the F.A.M. styling suite as there are so many more dresses not shown on the website – like a treasure trove of designer garments.


What inspires you to get dressed up - is it a feeling, is it an event, is it convenient - what do you want or need your clothes to say about you?


 It’s always based on how I feel, but I also, like to try and suit the environment if it’s something special. There’s nothing worse than turning up at an event and you have dressed incorrectly. Being female especially, you have so much creative license, to play around with divergent, styles and eras, which I really enjoy. I get bored with the same look, I like to mix things up occasionally, it’s almost like playing a different character. Fashion truly is, a fabulous way to express yourself. 



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