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F.A.M. INTERVIEW: Local Artist

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F.A.M. INTERVIEW: Local Artist

Fashion influences Artist - Annabelle Gfeller


Annabelle Gfeller is a figurative artist. Creating feminine paintings inspired by her love of travel, interiors, flora and fauna and colour. Her colourful and stylish paintings explore the deep love and reverence she has for the natural world.

Annabelle grew up in New Zealand, to a Swiss father, so there was a strong European influence in her household. She was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by the wild beauty of New Zealand and later studied and worked in Switzerland.

 She then moved to Australia in her mid-twenties and has been living in Sydney, with her husband, two children and two fur babies ever since. With a focus on her family, Annabelle works from home in her gorgeous custom designed Art Studio.


How did you become an Artist? Has it always been your passion?

I feel like these days it is not uncommon to have had several career trajectories in your life. This has certainly been the case for me.

Before pursuing my art full time, I worked in hospitality management and owned and operated my own restaurant in East Sydney. I was very young at the time and didn't cope with the long anti-social hours and stress. I felt I needed to make a dramatic change in my life. My interest in complementary medicine led me to Nature Care College where I studied Remedial massage, Nutrition and Ayurveda. I completed my post graduate studies in southern India and then set up my own practise upon returning to Sydney. For over a decade I ran a successful practise from home, helping my clients to live a more wholistic lifestyle. Once my husband and I started a family, I found I wanted to focus on raising my children and so I closed my practice. Eventually, as they grew up and became a bit more independent I felt I needed something for myself again. This was when I realised that I wanted to return to my first love, art. I have always been creative and as a child I used to paint watercolours with my Grandmother. She really nurtured my creativity.


I feel as if motherhood, the ultimate creative act, sort of catapulted me onto a different path and I have never looked back. When we renovated our home we built a studio for me in the garden and I just feel so fortunate to have this wonderful sacred space all to myself where I can make a mess and just close the door and leave it!





Could you tell us about a favourite Art Exhibition you have seen?

My favourite exhibition was one I went to when my husband and I were in Rome. We were only there for three days and purely by chance they were showcasing an exhibition of Chagall’s work. He has been one of my favourite painters since I was a teenager. It felt like Kismet being there. I cried tears of joy as I wandered through.


Does your passion for Art influence your fashion style?

I would actually say that fashion influences my art. I love to wear colour and often the things I gravitate to in my wardrobe influence my colour choices in paintings. I also love to paint fabric or wallpaper inspired by florals or chinoiserie designs.


How would you describe your Fashion style?

My fashion style depends a bit on my mood and the occasion. I love wearing jeans and boots during the day and in summer I love the ease of a summer dress.


If I am painting, its about comfort and practicality so when I go out I love to make an effort. I often feel like I am overdressed! Colourful, feminine dresses in florals or prints are my signature look I would say. I think my friends would describe me as elegant but with a bohemian edge. I don’t like to follow trends. I only purchase things that I absolutely love and that suit my body shape and complexion.

I love to find a luxury vintage preloved designer brands, because you know that no-one else will have it and you can really make it your own. Individuality is important to me.


For evenings I like to wear gold jewellery. Statement gold earrings and a beautiful handbag and heels. Fashion is really just another way of expressing yourself and it is something I really enjoy experimenting with. I love beautiful things, they bring me a lot of pleasure and a beautiful dress is my favourite thing to wear.


What is your signature style piece - Is it shoes, Jewellery, Sunglasses?

 Oh gosh, I love them all! My Chloe handbags are a favourite and I love shoes - boots, sandals, heels. Shoes make or break an outfit.


Where do you shop? Is it through online designer boutiques or in store?

 I do both, but my preference is absolutely to try things on in store. I need to touch the fabric, see the colour next to my skin and hair. Of course, I do purchase online, but mostly to labels I already know.


If you were to rent a dress on the Fashion Alta Moda online boutique shop, what would it be?

 To be able to rent a luxury designer dress for a special occasion, like a Birthday party, or a wedding I would love to rent the Rixo London Dress.  And for a black tie event, I would love to hire the Alexander McQueen rushed jersey gown in Red. Both designer dresses for me are so fabulous! 





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