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I am Alina Rose - working with diamonds, and I help women become a diamond! I have been mentoring women to step into their sensuality and personal power for 15 years, find their worth through confident living and self expression; and also work in luxury communications with House of K’dor. It provides the perfect platform to dress up every day, while maintaining a connection to the mysteries of the universe and soulful substance. 


How do you define your style?


Elegant dominatrix luxe with a Park Avenue edge! I love designers like Alexander McQueen, Vivien Westwood and The Vampire’s Wife. I love leather, corsetry, lace and cinched waists. They’re my power outfits. However I also adore 1950’s and 60s silhouettes and the classic shapes of Ferragamo and vintage Balenciaga and Dior. 


Who is your style icon - is it one or many?


I must say, I adore Dita Von Teese. She encapsulates sensual feminine power in a very elevated way. … with a strong nod to vintage nostalgia.  


What is your signature style piece? - is it shoes, jewellery, sunglasses etc?


My vintage leather Joseph dress with a full sleeve and cinched waist. I love an exaggerated sleeve, cinched waist, full skirt, high heels.. At K’dor I’ll be in all black in elements of leather… or I love white, flowing and cream cashmere and silk. I consider my style Black Swan / White swan, and not to frothy. Oxblood, cobalt and gold are my favourite colours to throw into the mix.


Where do you shop - in stores, or online? 


I love, love my Luxury high-end labels, especially European ones, but for both environmental and financial sustainability I usually shop consignment at Di Nuovo in Paddington, Blue Spinach in Darlinghurst and Revivre in Double Bay… and LOVE to visit Fashion Alta Moda for a special occasion. It’s the only place now I’ll invest towards formal wear. 


How do you experiment with your style?


Vintage! Also, I have an amazing stylist, Gessica Marmotta, who really encourages me to push my look! 


What is your favourite piece on the FAM site?


I love all the pieces on the site, some of my favourites include the sequin mini dress by Alexander Vauthier, the Carolina Herrera gown, the Dolce & Gabbana red and white stripped dress, just so many, and I am also currently obsessed with the Alexander McQueen Ruffle jacket/dress!! 


What is your most precious piece of Jewellery?


An art-deco inspired diamond ring my partner bought me from House of K’dor for my Birthday.



Follow Alina Here:

Instagram: @iamalinarose



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