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Lisa Wipfli

My name is Lisa Wipfli, I’m co-owner of The Nourishing Group (Nourishing Bubs and Nourishing Kids), I’m a mother to Ted, Jack and Francesca and married to Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli from the Fitzy and Wippa Nova 969 breakfast radio show. So in summary I have four children.

I personally have been a very healthy person for majority of my life, very focused on a holistic approach to wellbeing. We’re a family that loves to be outdoors, exercise and I personally love pilates as a main focus of my exercise regime. I’m a big foodie, so I love to dine at lovely restaurants and get dressed up, and then there’s the other 90% of the time when I’m running around with the kids in activewear.


How do you define your style?

These days, since I’ve matured into my late 30’s, ha, I’ve started to dress more classic. I buy less ‘on trend’ items and now purchase less, but things that I know will stand the test of time and are of a higher quality.
My focus now for my wardrobe is good jeans, classic shirts, tailored suits, and one or two great dresses. I splurge a bit on shoes because even if I’m wearing a white tee and jeans, it’s the one item that really makes me feel fab.

Who is your style icon - is it one or many?

I do have many, but my main ones would be: Leandra Cohen, Alexa Chung, Laura Wills @thefashionbubblog, Lara Worthington. My style is the juxtaposition between feminine dresses and masculine tailoring.


What is your signature style piece?

Definitely shoes. A pair of Chanel slingbacks with a small heel are my go-to for any outfit.


Where do you shop - in stores, or on-line? 

I used to be predominantly an in-store shopper because I really like to feel the material, however since Covid, I’ve definitely moved to online. I now know the brands / online platforms that fit me well and have the staples that I love to buy.


How do you experiment with your style?

I don’t take huge risks because I don’t have the confidence to really go crazy, so my way of taking a risk is by wearing a bit more colour than usual, or mixing it up with a seasonal pattern. After reading this back to myself, I realise that I sound so boring. It’s time for me to start taking more risks. Ha.


What is your favourite piece on the FAM site?

I love Fashion Alta Moda, my goto on line Luxury Designer Boutique for special events like Galla Black-Tie Balls and events.

Can I have two favourites please? Both are Dior. The stunning dress I wore to the Gold dinner and the burgundy staples Dior gown with the big bow at the front. I am yet to wear this, but as soon as lockdown is over I’m wearing it....even if it’s just to dinner, I don’t care if I’m overdressed.


What inspires you to get dressed up - is it a feeling, is it an event, is it convenient - what do you want or need your clothes to say about you?

I love getting dressed up. I love the process of choosing an outfit for an occasion, I love the feeling of being dressed beautifully and feeling confident and even just the fun of chatting with your girlfriends about what you’re going to wear to an event. I really like to put in effort to go out, even if it’s just for a date night with Mike. It’s a form of expression and it’s important to feel good and take care of yourself.I know when I see an elderly woman all dressed up with her hair done and some lippy on, it brings me such joy. Mike and I always notice these women and often comment on how gorgeous they look. It would be very easy to think ‘Oh I’m in my 90’s what’s the point in making an effort, no one is looking at me’, but I really hope that I’m that lady that still cares and makes an effort to get dressed-up and look stylish.


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