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To understand your own personal style is to reflect on how you feel, and how you want to feel. Experts in the fashion industry note that the way we choose our clothing either has to do with who we want to show the world we are, or who we want to convince ourselves we could be.

We only have to view the current state of our wardrobes to reveal a contemporary biography of our life and style; from the leather dress of seasons past, capturing a moment when we saw something of ourselves in that sexy piece, to the impulse purchases made for compulsory or planned events only to wear once, which is in a way, also a reflection about ourselves and how we were feeling at that time.

Hence, the sense of desire that new outfit for our next big occasion begins to makes sense, driven by how we want to be perceived and who we want to impress, or not. While our style and take on trends is always evolving, we will make the best choices when know what works first, and then build on that.

But how do we define our own personal style foundation, and be satisfied with what we have to express ourselves? The answer is not a simple one. It can be very complicated, as how we dress has everything to do with how we are feeling on that given day and what we want to portray to the world. The outfit we decide to wear today, reflects a part of our personality, and a lot of what we wear has to do with who our audience is.

To help in mastering your personal style, we have outlined some pointers below that will guide you in discovering the look that speaks to your inner most fashionable self.  

1. Know your body type
If you know your body type, you can dress with confidence, knowing you are amplifying your best features.
The following links give advice on how to define your own body type:
2. Find your Style Icon
Follow celebrities/influences with similar body types to create a collection of images to use as your style guide. I find using Pinterest is a great way of organising my inspirational looks. Check our Pinterest account for more inspiration, and start creating your own boards on Pinterest.
3. Find your favourite top 10 pieces in your wardrobe
Go through your wardrobe, pull everything out and find your top 10, absolute favourite pieces. Really understand why you love these pieces. Do they fit perfectly, is it the colour, how they make you feel, is it the shape, is it the fabric? Once you can answer these questions, you will have a better understanding of why those pieces are your favourites, and these pieces will form your capsule wardrobe. Now build your wardrobe around these pieces, keeping all your clothing in colour grouping.  
To help, refer back to our previous blog article on “how to create a well organised wardrobe”. 
4. Take photos of what you wear
 Each day when you feel fabulous, make sure you take a quick photo of what you are wearing. This will help you to understand why certain outfits make you feel better than others. Keep in a file and use these for your inspiration, and you will quickly see what works and doesn’t.
5. Find your signature piece
The most stylish women through the ages were defined by their signature looks. Victoria Beckham wearing business shirts and pant suits, Audrey Hepburn in her slim pants and flats, Olivia Palermo with her layered accessories and sunglasses, and Gievanna Engelbert in her A-line skirts. Find your signature look that works for you and you will always look fabulous. 
6. Do not be a slave to the latest trends
Trends are a revolving cycle of newness, that you don’t always need to embrace. While it is fun to experiment and freshen up your style, don’t become a slave to the latest trends. Personal style is just that — personal. It can’t be dictated by stores or magazines. Once you know what works for you best, then you can experiment with the trends based on colours and fabrics. Try to focus on the items you are actually drawn to, that brings you joy and represent who you are. Trends come and go while great style lasts forever.
7. It is ok to experiment 
The journey of your evolving style is as much about saying "yes" as it is about saying "no." If you are in need of experimenting with your style, use fashion rentals to try before you buy. If you rent a dress, you can experiment with different styles, cuts, colours, looks and see how they feel on you. We give you the perfect excuse to try before you buy as you explore different fashion genres, knowing you have not wasted money and are being conscious of the environmental impact of fashion has.  

You should rent a dress instead of buying is a great way of getting yourself a more stylish wardrobe for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can frequently feel that you are wearing something new, which is great for those special occasions, like weddings or parties, where you may previously have bought a one-occasion outfit. Secondly, luxury fashion for hire allows you to experience a range of dresses that would otherwise have high price tags. Another advantage is that you can be a little more adventurous with what you try – you may step out of your style comfort zone and find great pieces that you ordinarily would have been too afraid to buy.

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