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Fashion is a wellness facilitator – when you look good you feel good! 

If your wardrobe reflects the pieces that make you look your best, you will always feel your best. And never before has the act of getting dressed—this daily act of ‘creating’—been such a critical wellness tool than during these turbulent times. 

 If you were like me, I was heading into 2020 hoping that it would be my most stylish year yet! How far from the truth has that been…but the silver lining to this year of disruption to our very way of living, is time to reflect on our own personal style; to step away from the consumption merry-go-round and think about what you really need from your clothes. What works, what doesn’t. Being more conscious of our planet and fighting the sustainability fight, discarding any association with fast fashion and going back to the classics: well made, well designed, long-lasting pieces. 

Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort recently called the corona outbreak “a quarantine of consumption”, and “a blank page for a new beginning”, and we couldn’t agree more. 

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By cleaning out my wardrobe, I have been able to categorise the old patterns of panic buying (seeing that piece only worn once), and holding onto old pieces that never get worn. We are all guilty of making less than sensible decisions when it comes to our wardrobes. But now we have the time to make these wardrobe resolutions come true and make space, save money and look the best we ever have.

Here are the best ways to get some organisation to your wardrobe…

  • First you must take everything out!
  • Sort through, and indicate all the pieces you wear all the time. Keep them to the side – these are your Regulars,
  • Then sort out all the pieces you Never wear;
  • Sort the Never pieces into 3x piles 
    1.  The never will wear again – donate these to your local charity, 
    2. The not now, I want to wear it but not now; and finally 
    3. Love, but don’t wear it as I don’t know how to style it.
  • Now let’s start REVIVING – use your regular pieces, with the don’t know how to wear, and start creating your capsule wardrobe;
  • Place all your pieces back, via categories and colour. This lets you see what you have and then allows you to filter in the Regulars and Nevers….

It is a good bet your wardrobe will have so much more space after the clean out and you no doubt will want to re-fill. But take the following truths in, to ensure the longevity of a great organised wardrobe… 

Truths to a good wardrobe re-build include the following:

  • Don’t buy something for just one occasion, rent those pieces instead!  Click here for formal wear hire.
  • Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t fit;
  • Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t suit you;
  • Don’t buy something just because it’s a bargain;
  • Create a uniform;
  • Know your wardrobe inside out.
  • Invest in what you already own;
  • Create your own capsule wardrobe – don’t underestimate the power of this!
  • Embrace rental fashion.

Finally, a great capsule wardrobe is based on the classic following key pieces. If you were to go shopping, make these key pieces top of your list…

  • The white shirt;
  • The trench;
  • The LBD (Little Black Dress);
  • The perfect jeans;
  • The trouser suit;
  • Gold Hoops;
  • The plain white sneaker;
  • The strappy sandal;
  • The cashmere knit…

 Remember, getting dressed is a form of self-care. If we take pride in the way we dress and look, it will give us the benefit of feeling great.

Our style, is the way we present ourselves and, it is a form of your creative expression. Once we figure out what we like getting dressed can be fun and creative! Always remember that if you’re missing an item or a frock for a night out, you can always rent a dress!