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For the love of fashion and a little light hearted fun during an unprecedented and unsettling time, F.A.M presents a recap of the most major fashion moments in cinema. Spanning seven decades of silver screen sirens, vogue-worthy villains and dapper dudes, we hope this brings inspiration and joy. Happy viewing!


Rear Window | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Rear Window

1950s Era

Alfred Hitchcock’s brief to legendary cinema costume designer Edith Head was that Grace Kelly “was to look like a piece of Dresden china, nearly untouchable”. Indeed her flawless, porcelain-like beauty glows as radiantly as her pearls and satin evening gowns in this triumph of elegance, seduction and suspense. 

Roman Holiday | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Roman Holiday

1950s Era

We’re in love with the romance of Audrey Hepburn’s holiday wardrobe in Roman Holiday. Hepburn’s ladylike crisp white shirts, jaunty neck scarves and full skirts in pretty ginghams and prints have us dreaming of exploring winding Italian streets in summers to come. When in Rome…

Breathless | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda


1960s Era

Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 film Breathless epitomises what we love about day dressing in the 1960s. Jean Seberg’s outfits are casual, yet effortlessly cool. Her collection of sailor stripes, skinny black pants, ballet flats and black eyeliner are as relevant today as they were strolling the streets of Paris during the 1960s; the perfect stay-at-home style. 

Blow Up | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda


1960s Era

50 years on, Blow-Up, the now-cult record of London’s dynamic 1960s fashion scene continues to shock, dazzle and inspire. Like opening a time capsule to expose a moment defined by cultural and aesthetic opposites, the film juxtaposes the hedonism, colour and flair of the decade’s legendary fashion and party scene with the drab reality of life in a conservative 1960s London.

 Breakfast At Tiffanys | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

1960s Era

Featuring one of the most recognisable looks in fashion history - the iconic black dress and oversized sunglasses that made Hepburn a fashion icon - her “little black dress,” which is the first of many statement outfits worn by Hepburn throughout the film, was designed by Hubert de Givenchy, one of the actress’ closest friends. Givenchy continued to dress Hepburn throughout her career, taking Hepburn’s sweet, sophisticated look from the screen to the streets.

 Annie Hall | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Annie Hall

1970s Era

With ‘How to Dress Like Annie Hall’ bookmarked in any self-respecting fashionista’s archive, it is fair to say that Diane Keaton’s enduring eclectic, androgynous look roaming the streets of 1970s Manhattan will be cemented in our collective fashion imagination for generations to come. 

Picnic At Hanging Rock | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Picnic at Hanging Rock

1970s Era

This dreamy yet dark Australian classic set near Victoria’s Macedon ranges in the 1800s will draw you into its spell and stay with you for days. And just like that, we urgently need to be wearing gauzy, featherlight, lace trimmed day dresses and boater sun hats while eating cherries in the sun…

Pretty In Pink | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Pretty In Pink

1980s Era

Against this backdrop of preppy private school style, scholarship student Andie’s creative Op Shop ensembles stitched together with an artist’s eye identify her as the rank outsider, sparking curiosity and contempt in equal measure. Though her journey through navigating the class war of high school life is fraught, we love that love—and creativity—ultimately wins.

Scarface | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda


1980s Era

When Rihanna hit the 2012 Grammys in a slinky Armani gown, she said she was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer's style in "Scarface", and we couldn’t agree more. 

Michelle Pfeiffer sizzles as Elvira Hancock, embodying the outlandishly opulent '80s in a series of body skimming, spaghetti strapped satin ensembles offset by a perfectly manicured blonde bob.

 Blade Runner | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Blade Runner

1980s Era

As we enter a period in history where the very foundations of our world have been upended overnight it is irresistible to flirt with post-apocalyptic imaginings of the future, and Ridley Scott’s 1982 opus Blade Runner is the perfect fashion-meets-futurism fix. Starring Daryl Hannah and Harrison Ford this futuristic film noir masterpiece continues to define the concept of modernism, even 35 years on. 

Clueless | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda


1990s Era

It's hard to believe that Clueless hit theatres more than 20 years ago, especially since all of those fashion moments are just as relevant today as they were back in 1995. Who knew plaid could be so cute? 

The Fifth Element | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

5th Element

1990s Era

For this futuristic dystopian tale, Jean Paul Gaultier created over 1000 costumes. Even after 20 years, Gaultier’s costumes remain an incredible feat of design. Sit back, suspend your imagination and enjoy the ride! 

Pretty Woman | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Pretty Woman

1990s Era

Pretty Woman features one of the most iconic cinematic makeover moments in film history, featuring iconic looks we can’t forget, even 30 years on. From Vivien’s legendary polka dot  day dress polo ensemble, to the black tie look to end all black tie looks as Vivien experiences her first taste of opera, Pretty Woman is the unconventional love story that will be etched in our hearts and wardrobes forever. 

 September Issue | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

September Issue

2000s Era

The September Issue is your personal backstage pass into the making of Vogue’s most important release of the year. Follow the legendary Anna Wintour in a surprising, unexpected and often hysterical journey to the making of the issue, and get a glimpse of the inner workings of the international fashion bible. 

A Single Man | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

A Single Man

2000s Era

Ever wanted to dress like you were in a Tom Ford-styled dream sequence? A Single Man is the story for our time: a universal tale of coming to terms with the isolation that we all feel, and of the importance of living in the present as brought to life as a directorial debut for fashion designer Tom Ford. Julianne Moore is unspeakable gorgeous in heavily groomed 1960s style, bound to inspire your next formal look.  

The Royal Tenenbaums | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

The Royal Tenenbaums

2000s Era

Another romp by mad cap storyteller Wes Anderson who brought us Gwyneth Paltrow’s most edgy screen character to date as the quirky Margot Tenebaum with her surly side-parted bob, heavy eye liner, vintage dresses, fur coats, and that infamous line: ‘I think we’re just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Ritchie.’ 

 Marie Antoinette | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Marie Antoinette

2000s Era

Our love affair with the sumptuous, sugar-coated style of Sofia Coppola’s delectable teen queen Marie Antoinette has never been so strong. The decadently designed dresses, the lavish interiors, and the shoes! It is pure sartorial escapism at its finest, with a rock and roll soundtrack to boot. 

Darjeeling Limited | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

The Darjeeling Limited

2000s Era

To inspire the sartorial man in your life, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman take to a journey across India dressed head to toe in sharp suiting by Marc Jacobs, epitomising both the elegant and absurd in a film that guest-stars a collection of monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage that will become emblazoned in your fashion imagination for years to come.  

Oceans 8 | Rent A dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Ocean’s 8

2010s Era

Move over George Clooney! The girls are stepping in to show us how it’s done, in style. Blanchett's androgynous look joins Bullock's polished style, riffing against Rihanna's Bob Marley-influenced Rasta hats in this Met Gala heist film brimming with inspiration for your next designer dress hire.

Bill Cunningham | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Bill Cunningham’s NY

2010s Era

This doco capturing the life of Bill Cunningham ‘the original street photographer’ will have you stepping out in the streets of New York, experiencing the creativity and joy of people watching—a pastime we all miss! See designer dresses pounding the pavement alongside vintage ensembles in a cocktail of formal and casual style, native to the streets of New York.  

Yves Saint Laurent | Rent A Dress | Fashion Alta Moda

Yves Saint Laurent

2010s Era

As you are feasting your eyes on couture in this biopic of the man behind the designer dresses we love, spare a thought for the woman who had to ensure that every single formal dress in the film was suitably epic: costume designer Madeline Fontaine.

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