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Why High Fashion Hire is the Way of the Future

It could be a black-tie ball. Maybe a wedding is on the horizon. Perhaps you just have a big night out with the girls. The reasons for buying a new outfit are endless, however for fashion forward women who are environmentally aware and don’t want to waste money, buying a new outfit isn’t necessarily the best option.

Fashion Alta Moda’s Tanya Perilli claims the benefits of formal dress hire and luxury fashion rental are wide-ranging and that the industry has changed from one off occasions to day-to-day hiring. Designer fashion hire is dramatically on the rise and the way of the future. 

Here are her reasons why.

  • You can save money - if purchasing a new dress to only wear it once, it is basically like renting - imagine though only spending 10% of the retail price.  The cost benefit is a real winner. 
  • Have Variety in Dressing - With the rise in social media and people showing off their personal style online, high fashion has become an essential for many socialites living in the 21st century. One thing that hasn’t changed is the high price tag that comes along with these designer goods and outfits. Designer fashion hire gives people the ability to access the inaccessible, gaining access to whatever pieces they want with a much more affordable one-off price.
  • Save time - We all have very busy lives and time spent shopping has certainly become a luxury. We are mostly buying online today. What our rental site offers is the convenience of finding your perfect outfit for the occasion you are after be that a wedding, a birthday party, a gala ball, a cocktail event, or  a work event - You have a one-stop shop, a marketplace where all your favourite Designer dresses and accessories are on offer to hire. 
  • Become more sustainable - renting is a great way to be more sustainable, did you know that 6,000kg of clothing is sent to landfill every 10mins in Australia alone. By buying less, and more people sharing clothing, means less clothing waste. 


Eco Fashion = Fashion Forward.

With the bulk of fashion forward people being millennials, Gen Y and Gen X, which just so happen to be the most environmentally aware groups in the world. These groups are also becoming more and more aware that fast fashion is detrimental to the environment and are refusing to fall victim to its trap. The alternatives to fast fashion are purchasing high quality and environmentally sustainable brands, which are usually low volume boutique brands or high end designer brands. 

By not supporting fast fashion global companies, and instead reducing the quality of purchases, to buying better made, longer lasting designer pieces, and then hiring the novelty pieces - you become savey, sustainable and feed your need for variety, whilst looking gorgeous…

Tanya believes the benefits of designer fashion hire and “rent a dress” are also considerable for fashion labels and its retailers, not just the consumer. It’s important for individuals who might otherwise feel unable to afford a brand, to give it a try through designer fashion rental, which may also lead to future sales for the brand/store. Environmentally and ethically aware customers are also always on the lookout for evidence of sustainable behaviour from brands and retailers.