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Amy Jean

Founder and Director of Amy Jean Brow Agency and Amy Jean Privée Collection. Project-a-holic. Must be distracted be 10,000 things at once to feel my own version of normal. 😂 Mummy to my little Man Tommy (1 year old) and am happiest spending any spare moments I have with my family, who I just adore.

How do you define your style?

Feminine and polished. I’m in customer service 5-6 days a week so non-revealing is a must. I’m a mood dresser. I could be “preppy” one day, then loaded up from top to toe in pastels the next.

Who is your style icon?

An appreciation for many out there and in particular my mum. But I have a real style crush for Australian fashions, including two (very) talented clients who are designers , Rebecca Vallance and Nicky Zimmermann. Seriously, when ever they enter the salon myself and my team are always saying “wow wow wow, they nailed that look” !

What is your signature style piece?

A designer bag. I have a penchant for over priced handbags ... I’ll still be carrying one around in my activewear convincing myself it’s acceptable and I’ve worked hard for it.

Where do shop - in stores, or on-line? 

Both. Don’t make me choose! 😂

How do you experiment with your style?

Colour. I’ll force myself to buy seasonal colours but 9.5 times out of ten I’ll wear them once and I revert to trusty black. Hence why renting would be a much wiser option!

What is your favourite piece on the FAM site?

A toss up between the Valentino and Mui Mui Frocks , but also loving the Chanel black blazer. Well done Tanya. I love it all!


Follow Amy Jean here:

Instagram: @amy.jean.official



Valentino - Pink Swing Cape Mini Dress




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