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Bec Smollen


Bec Smollen is a devoted wife and mother of two gorgeous girls. A lover of life, kindness, fashion, food, wine and globe-trotting. 

How do you define your style?

Laid-back chic! I don’t like to look too ‘put together’ and my style very much depends on my current environment/surroundings. 
At home I always opt for comfortable loungewear: cashmere pants and sweater in winter and a simple cotton slip dress in summer. When I am travelling, my style is more boho-chic. I’m obsessed with dresses! Short or long, plain or printed. I also love wearing midi or maxi skirts paired with a statement top, artisan sandals and of course statement bags and accessories. 
My go-to designers for vacation wear are Johanna Ortiz, Loewe and Jacquemus. I am naturally drawn to earthy colours so the majority of my travel essentials are neutrals, mustard and rust tones which are easy to intertwine with the rest of your wardrobe! 
If I am attending a special luncheon or a formal event, my style changes completely. I love to dress up, usually opting for a fitted, edgy yet elegant tailored dress by a high-end designer…something that makes me feel bold, brave and fearless! Victoria Beckham, Valentino, Erdem, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney are some personal favourites. 

Who is your style icon - is it one or many?

I draw inspiration from many people and also places, particularly when I’m abroad. I do have a soft spot for socialite and entrepreneur Olivia Palermo for her uber chic, effortless style, and model/style blogger Jenny Lopez for her meticulously created style channelling the romantic, gypsy, boheme…

What is your signature style piece - is it shoes, jewellery, sunglasses etc?

    Definitely a bag! They are my guilty pleasure and definitely my number one splurge item. It’s amazing how you can elevate any outfit with a standout bag. I usually collect different pieces during my travels and I love how they can trigger a new look depending on what you wear and how you style it. In summer, you can’t beat a simple white flowing dress paired with a knockout oversized raffia bag. Jacquemus and Loewe have some particularly cool designs. 

    Where do you shop - in stores, or on-line? 

      I usually always shop for fashion on-line. I find there is greater access to the international designers that I love and I also find the experience far more relaxing. You don’t have the added pressure that can be associated with shopping in boutiques, trying on garments and feeling compelled to buy. If I have a special event, I’ll often choose to rent a dress instead. It allows me to wear current high fashion looks for a fraction of the retail purchase price and offers freedom to be able to wear something different every time. It definitely eases the stress of “what am I going to wear!?!”

      How do you experiment with your style?

        I think the best way to experiment with style is to rent fashion. Renting allows you to be adventurous—without the price tag! You can play around with different looks as often as you like: channel your inner princess and wear that dreamy pink “frills-for-days” gown or rock out your rebel side in a plunging Alexander McQueen pant suit. There are countless looks I’d love to wear but are not necessarily looks I’d typically want hanging in my closet, so renting high-fashion breathes fun and total freedom for me.

        What is your favourite piece on the FAM site?

          It’s a tough choice, can I choose two?  The Rosario one-shoulder sequinned gown screams Greek goddess statue, and the Oscar De La Renta tiered evening gown is the ultimate fairy tale.  

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