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Ingrid Toohey

Ingrid Toohey is a Brand Strategist who develops brands with a range of private and agency clients to create, shape and launch brands from the ground up, including Fashion Alta Moda. Ingrid is passionate about music, culture, art and ideas, and raises two young daughters at Bondi Beach with her Creative Director husband Alex.

How do you define your style? 

Bold, fun, graphic and never without a touch of humour or nostalgia. I love vintage references, and loud colours and prints that remind me of surf coast beach towns of my youth. I tend to dive on 70s, 80s and 90s graphic themes, fabrics and silhouettes when they show up in new collections.

Who is your style icon - is it one or many? 

Having been born in the 80s and a teenager of the 90s I have a nostalgic catalogue of indie film sirens and grunge goddesses flicking over in my head. All these years on I still watch ‘Rage’ and continue drawing creative inspiration from the youthful trends and individuality of music videos. In terms of celebrity style, I love FKA Twigs’ loud, theatrical and unexpected mismatch of volume, texture, pattern and colour.

What is your signature style piece - is it shoes, jewellery, sunglasses etc?

Fun sunglasses, statement jackets and loud prints with loads of personality. And anything in pink!

Where do shop - in stores, or on-line? 

    I’m all about collecting vintage treasures online to pair with quality basics or denim. I won’t hesitate to pick up a loud, graphic piece from a Bondi garage sale and pair it back with a designer skirt or jacket. More recently I have been fuelling my addiction ‘fun’ fashion with GANNI. So much colour and personality!

    How do you experiment with your style? 

      By embracing the creative side of fashion without taking myself—or the trends of the day—too seriously. While I love collecting treasures I know I’ll love forever, renting is the perfect way to jump on a directional look or colour trend without committing for the long haul.

      What is your Favourite FAM piece? 

        I have several! The McQueen ruffle jacket, The Attico black sequin jumpsuit and their houndstooth wrap dress, the Opera One Shoulder Dress by Leal Daccarett, Stella McCartney’s One Shoulder Dress in black duchess satin and the Valentino Green Tiger Print – all strong, directional, unforgettable looks that look like way too much fun to wear!

        F.A.M.'s Style File is a celebration of the taste-makers of Australian style. If you are feeling inspired to explore your personal style, luxury designer rental is the perfect way to experiment with your look by trying new designers, styles, colours and prints as often as you wish without committing to long-term ownership. Experience the joy of wearing vs owning! For all your designer dress rental needs from event dressing, to cocktail parties, to dramatic black-tie gowns, Fashion Alta Moda has you covered.