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Bahar Etminan

I’m the editor and publisher of women’s lifestyle site and I’m about to launch a new media platform Ageless by Rescu which is devoted entirely to the
science, experts and treatments of new beauty and rejuvenation. Ageless by Rescu E Magazine, Podcast series and social media platform are launching in August. I wanted to create a consumer focused media platform to explore all the options we have in our quest for rejuvenation, vitality and the whole spectrum of beauty. From Biohacking to boob jobs..injectables to stem cell facelifts, and everything in between. My background is in beauty and luxury brands. I know we are all looking for more than hope in a jar.

I am a mother to my beautiful 10 year old daughter Lilly, and I am lucky enough to do what I love every single day. I have become more aware and have put into practice new rituals for my health, wellbeing and bio hacks that have made me feel at least 10 years younger. I think fashion is a key pillar of how we look and feel. It’s the packaging and it reveals your personal brand.
From spring last year, I undertook a full life makeover on myself. Post pandemic,
post life and relationship changes, and because I felt inspired and joyful again .In
2016 I published a book called Rescu Me! A Makeover Guide for A Life More
Fabulous. In it I took the reader through all the steps and areas of your life that you can polish up with the help of expert advice. I decided I was in need of this attention and got to work. It was transformative.

How do you define your style? 

Classic and feminine. I’m not a trend setter nor a slave to fashion. My favourite
pieces I have owned for over a decade and they still work for me. A classic
Chanel tweed jacket but with a twist- slightly cropped and with a shimmer
through the boucle, Tom Ford for Gucci blazers and Gucci dresses that I wear
on repeat. Valentino, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabanna are my brands for
perfectly proportioned skirts and tops that always work on my frame. They do
petite very well. I buy for my body shape and my lifestyle. I know what designers
work for me, I am a repeat offender – once I fall in love with a designer and I
know how their silhouette makes me look, I tend to stay loyal. I mix new with
classics and buy all my basics from the high street. Zara t-shirts, bodysuits and
denim work really well for me and go with everything.

For red carpet I tend to go all out… I have a black alexander McQueen dress I
have worn a few times, a few vintage Gucci gowns and lots and lots of Alex
Perry –. My all time favourite is a show stopping Alex perry dress in red.
My Favourite brand– if money was no object, is Valentino. -I am devoted to
Valentino and met him on my honeymoon whilst staying in Portofino. He kissed
my hand and called me Bella. I nearly swooned. I also love Roland Mouret and
had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him a few years ago for Rescu and
he is a true artist and beautiful gentleman. His dresses fit me like a glove and
accentuate curves and femine assets. I’ve also met and interviewed Victor &
Rolph and the force of nature that is Dianne Von Furstenberg. I used to live in
her wrap dresses.

Who is your Style Icon?

My style icons are varied but I always go back to my mamma in her 70’s glam. I
remember my mother in this era so well. I have a vision of her wearing a
stunning a-line purple velvet skirt and lilac pussy bow silk shirt from Chloe, with
deep berry Charles Jourdan boots. She wore Diorella fragrance and lots of gold
bangles and smoked cigarettes. Such a vibe. I do love glamour so Sophia
Loren’s nipped in waist and hyper feminine style is iconic for me. My modern day
muse is Amal Clooney.

What would you say is your signature Style?

My signature style piece is more my attitude rather than any item of clothing or
accessory. I am Iranian and we tend to love glamour. I did treat myself to a
Birken for my 40th and I recently splurged on a Chanel Boy Bag. I’d say the style
feature most people comment on is my hair. It’s long, thick and always bouncy. I
go to the salon twice a week when I can. I do love good jewelry and have some
beautiful pieces which have been gifted to me and some I bought myself. Last
year Matthew Ely transformed some pieces I didn’t use and some loose
emeralds I had purchased at auction years ago into a pair of stunning emeral
and diamond earrings. I adore them and love that I was able to upcycle unworn
jewelry into something so special. Lilly is at an age where she is fascinated by
these things and I let her play whenever she wants. I’m keeping it all for her so
she may as well get acquainted with everything.

How do you experiment with your style? 

Renting is the ultimate way to experiment. You can try designers and styles that you may not have even heard of. That’s why I love your styling service.
After the pandemic so much has changed. They way and where we work, how we go out and certainly I would like to make more sustainable fashion and beauty choices. Less is more. Investment or shared economy vs the endless cycle of purchasing and purging. It is passe to be wasteful.

I have been experimenting with my style and beauty routine. I definitely wear less
make-up and have double downed on healthy glowing skin. I’ve been using Dr
Naomi Skin products which are amazing for brightening and deliver very quick
results. I have aser resurfacing, Ultherapy, threads, injectables and Hydrafacials
with Dr Joseph Hkeik, Dr Adina and Lowri John at All Saints Clinic or mini facials and light therapy at their skin atelier Le Petit Saint, both in Double Bay. Hair and nails are always at Joh Bailey and I’ve been going there for the past 24 years.

I am experimenting with my off duty look and my talented friend, celebrity stylist
Mikey Ayoubi has introduced me to the magic of high waisted skirts and pants. He helped me edit my wardrobe and now I buy less clothes and know exactly what to wear. For events or to film, I shop my own closet now that it’s organised better, or hire something very fabulous. For holiday glamour and lingerie, I love Sylvia Rhoes boutique. She has the best collection of timeless Eres, Missoni,Melissa Obedash and La Perla which I enjoy year after year.

What is your favourite piece on the FAM site

That Carolina Herrera polka dot dress –this is a Barbie fantasy grown moment. Fun and flirty, elegant with a sense of mischief. Oh and that red Alexander McQueen gown. I feel very old Hollywood Glamour in that dress. The Styling service is the magic though.

Would love to know your favourite cocktail drink

The Halekulani Hotel Mai Tai.. I sourced their recipe online and made it my signature cocktail over lockdown to remind me of sunny travel memories with Lilly. It’s our hotel. Before Covid we would go there every year just the two of us since she was 3. I also recently tried Glenfiddich Grand Cru whiskey and it’s unbelievable. I was not a whisky drinker but this is so smooth and complex. I love it and it’s made me want to explore whiskey.

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