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Jana Bartolo

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for about a decade as a fashion and celebrity stylist.  Initially I wanted to be a fashion designer, but fell in love during my studies with the concept of putting together looks from the designers I was studying with.

My aesthetic tends to be bold with a mix of luxury and street-wear, I love playing with fun colours and creating an interesting clean silhouette.

Over the years I have worked with a broad range of exciting clients, such as Adam Lambert, Dua Lipa, Vera Blue, Nike etc across music videos & festivals, photoshoots, television programs and producing runway shoes for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

How do you define your style?

    I think I dress a bit like a tom-boy, I like things worn loosely, fun colours and chunky designer shoes! I have been told I sometimes resemble Billie Eilish’s fashion, but I claim to have had the blue locks before she did! 

    Who is your style icon?

      It is forever changing, and I don’t always look to a designer necessarily for inspiration. It can come through different resources like traveling, fabrications, and the internet. Right now though I really admire the designs of Christopher Kane, MSGM, Comme Des Garcon they are sophisticated but still really exciting. 

      What is your signature style piece?

        I mean, I can’t narrow it to just “one”, that’s like picking a favorite family child !! However, right now I am really into good footwear or a great bag; its something I can find versatile that I can pair it into looks and change the way they may appear. I’m not really one for classics, I often opt for a playful colour first before I purchase the safe choice, and I love chunky sneakers as they are practical for me to wear on set, as heels are a bit too problematic when my day to day schedule is running about all day! 

        Where do shop - in stores, or on-line? 

          I prefer online personally as I don’t have time to go to the shops (there's something about me visiting a store that resembles working and I like the therapy in not being disturbed sometimes, although that being said it depends on the store – if it’s curated well (let’s not go past Dover street ) then I love a good look around. But for when I don’t have time, on-line is usually my go-to , and I generally know what works on my body from knowledge working in the industry.  

          How do you experiment with your style?

            My hair has been a big play on my style, I’ve dyed my hair a lot of colours, and that really has helped me play with my style.

            I also love to try things on, and give them a go, even when I think that it’s a silhouette that might not be my safe choice, a clever way is to rent styles that you may only ‘wear once’ and save up to buy high-quality pieces as they tend to retain their value.