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Jessica Pecoraro

Jess Pecoraro is a leading fashion and celebrity stylist based in Sydney. Jess’ work has featured on local and international red carpets, as well as leading glossy fashion pages and major advertising campaigns and has her own unique Style. 

Jess’ lifestyle changes very sporadically; her work life can get hectic fast. A lot of what her projects involve travel as well as long hours. Yet after having her daughter Harley who is now 1 years old, she has successfully evolved her workload to allow a bit more structure when possible. When she is not working, Jess enjoys down time with Harley and her husband Steven. ‘For us it’s all about quality time with our family and friends spent either entraining at home, travelling, and just having time off together is enough.’


How do you define your style;

Classic, effortless, and a bit tom-boyish yet still refined.


Who is your style icon?

I don’t have one style icon - I love to take inspiration from different generations and people in films, photographers and also designs. I think it’s nice to take a bit from everywhere and make it your own. 


What is your signature style piece? 

Blazer, white tee and jeans and a statement shoe and bag is always a must. I also love beautiful jewellery and this is something I have been slowly collecting from a young age after my Nonna passed on some of her most precious pieces to me.


Where do shop?

I do enjoy the convenience of online shopping yet when I travel I definitely love visiting vintage stores and all the luxury designer boutiques.


How do you experiment with your style?

My personal style is quite classic, but at times I do like to experiment with the use of a texture in fabrics or a statement accessory. When it comes to work, I love being able to experiment and have my clients try new things while still working with their overall aesthetic. Fashion Alta Moda has been an amazing way to try new pieces.


What would be your Favourite Fashion Alta Moda piece on the site?

I love the Attico jumpsuit and the Alessandra Rich earrings. Both are fun, bold yet timeless. 

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