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What is style?  How do you define your own style?

I get asked all the time what my style is? Truth be told, I really struggle to answer this question. Some days I love loud colours from designers like Vivienne Westwood who border on eccentric, and Johanna Ortiz when I want to feel more feminine, then changing back to classic tailored pieces from Dior, Chole and Victoria Beckham. At the end of the day or should I say the beginning, it is all about how I feel on that given day.

If I really had to boil down my own style, it would be a mix of creativity with a sense of elegance.

Psychology has indicated that how we dress and style ourselves can boost our self-esteem, create a personal identity and reinforce a sense of belonging. At its core – Style is a way to say who we are without having to speak… 

Despite what popular culture and media may suggest, style is not fixed; you can't get it 'right' or 'wrong'⁠ .

Your style is unique to you and it can evolve and grow as you do. What we aim to do at Fashion Alta Moda, is help you tap into your own style and find the pieces that resonate best with you. With our trained eye, we can help direct you to pieces that you may not have tried before, take you out of your comfort zone, but yet reflect who you are.

Through renting dresses, it allows you to experiment with your style. We allow you to experiment on how pieces make you feel, a try before you buy. What we find is that our  customers are trying on designer garments that they have not been able to find in Australia, and after they have rented a dress, they then want to purchase from that brand. They know how the brand works for them, and feel more comfortable purchasing a timeless piece, knowing they will love wearing it for years to come.

We are all about curating timeless pieces. You can rent the novelty Dresses, whilst buying classics, including the Shoes, the Bag and the Diamonds.  

Having a sense of style especially in these uncertain times. most certainly isn’t the cure to all our problems, but there’s no shame in holding pride and self-esteem in what you choose to wear as it could contribute to improving your quality of life and psychological well-being.