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By Fashion Alta Moda

Vivienne Westwood stands as a cornerstone of British fashion. Establishing her inaugural boutique in 1971, she emerged as a pivotal figure in the Punk movement that defined 1970s London. Throughout the years, the eponymous brand has maintained an unwavering connection to the pulse of British youth culture.

Renowned for pushing sartorial boundaries, Vivienne Westwood has birthed countless iconic styles, from corset tops to towering platforms, challenging even the most seasoned runway models with their daring designs. In 2016, the brand welcomed Vivienne's longtime partner, Andreas Kronthaler, into a lead creative role, ensuring a seamless continuation of its legacy.

With a steadfast commitment to environmentally conscious fashion, Vivienne Westwood remains the epitome of edgy sophistication, consistently capturing the essence of contemporary style with a rebellious edge.