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Natalie Salha

I am Natalie and I love fashion! 

I still remember the moment I realised fashion was going to be a part of my world. I was 8 years old, sitting next to my auntie who had this huge stone on her finger. She was always dressed to the 9's. I remember thinking when I'm older I'm going to get a ring like that! Mum always dressed me up! I was always overdressed. Every Saturday we would catch a bus to the city and shop all day long. No wonder I love shopping! Mum stamped that right in…

How do you define your style?

I would say my style has changed over the years. Growing up I would often watch the 90's catwalk shows. I loved glamour! Nowadays it's all about comfort. Since having children I need my clothing to be easy to wear. It also depends how I feel when I wake in the morning. I love boho and gypsy fashion and other days I love wearing jeans and a white shirt, but always with bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I love edgy and classic, hmm I really love every style.

Who is your style icon ?

My style icon is Victoria Beckham. She always gets it right…chic and elegant. 


What is your signature style piece?

My go-to piece of fashion is always jewellery. I mix and match every day, and love layering it on. I also love colour. It really says a lot about a person, what colour they love. 

Where do shop - in stores, or on-line? 

    Since COVID-19 happened, it is so much easier to shop online plus I have a 6-month baby at home, so getting to the shops is much harder. Renting dresses has also become my thing…why waste time and money on a dress you will only wear once when you can rent it? Best idea ever! 

    What is your favourite piece on the FAM site?

    My Favourite piece on FAM would be the pink Valentino. So pretty…


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